Large Snakes: Are Gopher Snakes Good Pets?

Large Snakes Are Gopher Snakes Good Pets

It’s uncommon to find one, so asking if Gopher Snakes are good pets is valid. You won’t spot this species in many reptile owners’ homes, and in this article, you’ll find out why! Many people know Gopher Snakes as wild snakes, and it’s not the first reptile that comes to mind when you’re searching for … Read more

Are California King Snakes Good Pets? Read This To Decide!

Are California King Snakes Good Pets Read This To Decide!

Many snake breeders suggest them, but are California King Snakes good pets? Here’s an honest answer! Cali Kings is one of the most popular pet snakes for beginners. Many breeders and pet store sales assistants recommend them, but knowing if they are the right snake for you requires an in-depth analysis. In this article, I … Read more

Albino Red Tail Boa Full Grown: Length And Weight

Albino Red Tail Boa Full Grown Length And Weight

Even if you like large snakes, you should know what an Albino Red Tail Boas’ full-grown size is before you purchase one. A snakes’ size influences everything about keeping them as a pet! Red Tail Boas are known for their docile nature and are often recommended as excellent for beginners who like big snakes! Unfortunately, … Read more

How Fast Can Snakes Slither? The Statistics On Speed!

How Fast Can Snakes Slither The Statistics On Speed!

It’s true that you can outrun them, but how fast can snakes slither? Let’s look at their speed on land and in water, and what you can do to stay safe! Encountering a snake can be a scary experience, and if you don’t act right, you can be in real trouble. Knowing what to expect … Read more

How Far Can A Snake See? The Million Dollar Answer!

How Far Can A Snake See The Million Dollar Answer!

If you’re curious about how far snakes can see, you’ve come to the right place for all the ins and outs of snake sight! Like humans, snakes can see with their eyes, but it works a little differently. Their eyesight isn’t great either, so they use other methods to “see” as well. There are also … Read more

How Big Does A Chinese Water Dragon Get?

How Big Does A Chinese Water Dragon Get

Before I bought one for the first time, I wondered how big does a Chinese Water Dragon get. These seemingly small creatures have always interested me, and I wanted to keep one as a pet. To do so, I needed to buy the right sized enclosure. There’s no way I’d be keeping my lizard in … Read more

How Big Do Tomato Frogs Get? Here’s Clarity!

How Big Do Tomato Frogs Get Here's Clarity!

Besides knowing that they have a unique red color, you need to know how big Tomato Frogs get if you plan to keep one as a pet. The size of your pet frog will determine their enclosure, how much they need to be fed, and how easy it is to transport and handle them. In … Read more

How Big Do Jungle Carpet Pythons Get?

How Big Do Jungle Carpet Pythons Get

So you’re wondering how big Jungle Carpet Pythons get? Well, I have everything you need to know right here! Jungle Carpet Pythons are non-venomous snakes with attractive colors and a calm temper. Compared to other Pythons, they have a more manageable size and do well in captivity. Of all the Pythons, this subspecies is one … Read more

How Big Will A Corn Snake Get? The Ultimate Guide!

How Big Will A Corn Snake Get The Ultimate Guide!

How big will a Corn Snake get? When I heard my friend asking this question, I knew I had to write an article giving everyone the answer! If you want to take good care of a snake, you need to know their full-grown size before purchasing one. The size of a snake determines many things, … Read more

How Big Do Basilisk Lizards Get? The Facts!

How Big Do Basilisk Lizards Get The Facts!

Knowing how big do Basilisk Lizards get before buying one as a pet is essential. They’re excellent show-reptiles and need a well-sized and planted vivarium to live happily. You’ll only be sure that you can house one if you know the answer to this question! There are four types of Basilisk Lizards, but the Green … Read more