Can You House Two Ball Pythons Together? The Brutal Truth!

Can You House Two Ball Pythons Together The Brutal Truth!

Whatever the reason, you might be asking yourself: Can you house two Ball Pythons together? If this question has you scratching your head, you’re at the right place to find an honest answer! Ball Pythons are friendly snakes, and they’ll have no problem with you handling them. They have a playful nature and will wrap … Read more

California Kingsnake Tank Size: Having The Right Enclosure Matters

Before purchasing one, you need to know the tank size a California Kingsnake needs. California Kingsnakes are one of the most popular pet snakes, and if you take proper care of them, they’re an excellent pet to have! If you think tank size isn’t a big deal, you’re dead wrong! Placing your snake in an … Read more

California Kingsnake’s Temperature Needs: The Do’s And Don’ts

California Kingsnake's Temperature Needs The Do's And Don'ts

Snakes have special enclosure requirements, and knowing the California Kingsnake’s temperature needs, is essential before owning one.  California Kingsnakes, aka Cali Kings, are excellent beginner pet snakes because they have a calm and unique personality. Captive-bred Kingsnakes are available from breeders, pet shops, and reptile shows or shops.  This snake species can live for more … Read more

Can You Have a Garter Snake as a Pet? Find out Here!

Can You Have a Garter Snake as a Pet Find out Here!

Are you wondering if you can have a Garter Snake as a pet? I’ll tell you the truth! I grew up in a family that loves snakes. We’ve had almost every species that you can keep as a pet! Do you want to know the truth about Garter Snakes? Let me put it this way … Read more

Choosing Your California King Snake Substrate

Choosing Your California King Snake Substrate

When it comes to choosing your California kingsnake substrate, careful thought needs to be given to the particles that you add to your king snake’s enclosure. Simply put, a substrate is stuff that makes up your snake’s floor. So why is choosing your California kingsnake substrate so important? If you consider that this is where … Read more

Understanding Arboreal Snake Perches

Understanding Arboreal Snake Perches

What is an arboreal snake perch, and do you need one for your pet snake? The word ‘arboreal’ simply means ‘resembling’ a tree. How do you make arboreal snake perches? Do you need a real tree or something that just looks like one? Let’s unpack all there is to know about understanding arboreal snakes so … Read more

Are Veiled Chameleons Good Pets?

Are Veiled Chameleons Good Pets

The answer to the question ‘are veiled chameleons good pets?’ depends somewhat on the owner. Is the veiled chameleon a potential pet for a child? If so, the answer is probably no. It will not make a good pet. Veiled chameleons tend to make good ‘display’ pets (i.e., look but don’t touch) as they can … Read more

How To Choose The Best Garter Snake Tank Size?

How To Choose The Best Garter Snake Tank Size

If you’re not sure about which garter snake tank size to get for your pet, keep reading. This article will help you find the right tank size for your garter snake and your lifestyle. Choosing the correct garter snake tank size is a very important decision. There are so many options available, from simple aquariums … Read more

The Redtail Boa Breeders Guide

The Redtail Boa Breeders Guide

What’s a better way to learn about redtail boa breeders? By reading the stories of some of the top breeders in the world. Redtails are a relatively new species in the boa family, and they’ve made quite the name for themselves as a very popular exotic pet. They’re also one of the most difficult species … Read more