How Often To Feed Veiled Chameleons: Remarkable Facts Revealed!

How Often To Feed Veiled Chameleons

Are you concerned that your veiled chameleon pet is not consuming sufficient food? To ensure that your pet lives as long as possible, it is essential to provide them with the right environment and lifestyle. This article on “how often to feed veiled chameleons” has been written to answer questions on the feeding and lifestyle … Read more

What Do Rainbow Boas Eat: Remarkable Facts Revealed!

What Do Rainbow Boas Eat

Rainbow Boas One of the most beautiful snakes in the entire animal kingdom is the Brazilian rainbow boa, Epicrates cenchria cenchria. Their glittering skin gives forth a rainbow-like appearance when illuminated. These native snakes of Central and South America live in humid woods in the wild, where they hunt smaller prey that also lives there. … Read more

Green Tree Python’s Diet: Remarkable Facts Revealed!

Green Tree Python's Diet

The green tree python is a non-venomous snake that may be found in the islands of Australia, New Guinea, and Indonesia. The green tree python belongs to the family Pythonidae. As its name would suggest, it is a bright green snake, with females being somewhat heavier and larger than males. If you’re thinking of adopting … Read more

How Big Is A Full-Grown Boa Constrictor? The Surprising Facts!

How Big Is A Full-Grown Boa Constrictor The Surprising Facts!

How big is a full-grown Boa Constrictor? This is one of the many good questions you need to ask before buying one as a pet!  Boa Constrictors get pretty large, and not every pet owner can care for and handle one. Before you decide to purchase one, you need to know what you’re getting yourself … Read more

How Big Do Pet Boa Constrictors Get? The Truth!

How Big Do Pet Boa Constrictors Get The Truth!

To prepare better for your pet snake, you need to know how big Boa Constrictors get. Don’t ignore this answer! Boa Constrictors are pretty large, and if you’re unprepared for their size, having one as a pet might become a hassle. When you know how big your pet Boa will likely grow, you can prepare … Read more

Feeder Cricket Lifespan: What To Expect!

Feeder Cricket Lifespan What To Expect!

Cultivating them isn’t a difficult task, but what is a Feeder Cricket’s lifespan? This is what you can expect! Feeder Crickets are a great source of protein and other nutrients for captive pets. Whether you’re cultivating them for your own reptiles or you’re starting a business, knowing how long they live will help you plan … Read more

Colombian Red Tail Boa Lifespan: How Old They Get!

Colombian Red Tail Boa Lifespan How Old They Get!

Before you purchase or adopt one, you should know the lifespan of a Colombian Red Tail Boa. Snakes can get pretty old, and this species isn’t an exception! Many people who’d like to own a snake are excited when they search for one, but this feeling often fades once they realize how old snakes get. … Read more

Do Chameleons Need A Water Bowl? Keep Yours Hydrated!

Do Chameleons Need A Water Bowl Keep Yours Hydrated!

Most captive reptiles drink from one, but do chameleons need a water bowl? In the wild, they live on rainwater, so it’s understandable if they need this in captivity too! Before you get one of these exotic reptiles as a pet, you should have everything to set up an enclosure that mimics their natural habitat. … Read more

Ball Python In Water Bowl For Days: When To Worry

Ball Python In Water Bowl For Days When To Worry

Snakes spending time in water are usually no cause for concern, but if your Ball Python is in their water bowl for days, you should be alarmed. Ball Pythons like to soak. It helps them with common health issues, and sometimes they just enjoy swimming. To ensure they get enough time in the water, you … Read more

Are California King Snakes Good Pets? Read This To Decide!

Are California King Snakes Good Pets Read This To Decide!

Many snake breeders suggest them, but are California King Snakes good pets? Here’s an honest answer! Cali Kings is one of the most popular pet snakes for beginners. Many breeders and pet store sales assistants recommend them, but knowing if they are the right snake for you requires an in-depth analysis. In this article, I … Read more