How Far Can A Snake See? The Million Dollar Answer!

How Far Can A Snake See The Million Dollar Answer!

If you’re curious about how far snakes can see, you’ve come to the right place for all the ins and outs of snake sight! Like humans, snakes can see with their eyes, but it works a little differently. Their eyesight isn’t great either, so they use other methods to “see” as well. There are also … Read more

How Big Do Basilisk Lizards Get? The Facts!

How Big Do Basilisk Lizards Get The Facts!

Knowing how big do Basilisk Lizards get before buying one as a pet is essential. They’re excellent show-reptiles and need a well-sized and planted vivarium to live happily. You’ll only be sure that you can house one if you know the answer to this question! There are four types of Basilisk Lizards, but the Green … Read more

Do Tokay Geckos Bite? The Painful Truth!

Do Tokay Geckos Bite The Painful Truth!

If you want one as a pet, you have to ask, do Tokay Geckos bite? Owning a reptile for the first time can seem daunting, so it’s best to gear yourself with all the knowledge you need before buying one. I’ve never owned a Tokay Gecko as a pet, but in my line of work, … Read more

Do Chinese Water Dragons Bite? Read This Before Getting One!

Do Chinese Water Dragons Bite Read This Before Getting One!

If you’re interested in owning one, a common question that might pop up in your head is “Do Chinese Water Dragons Bite?”  I consider Chinese Water Dragons one of the friendliest lizards, and from my experience owning one until a few years ago, I can tell you that they rarely get aggressive.  Many pet experts … Read more

Do Bearded Dragons Have Personalities? The Ultimate Answer!

Do Bearded Dragons Have Personalities The Ultimate Answer!

Because they require less time and care than other pets, it’s normal to wonder if bearded dragons have personalities. Many people also assume that reptiles aren’t intelligent, but these creatures have proved the critics wrong! Bearded dragons are friendly reptiles, and if you live in a small apartment or even just like reptiles, they make … Read more

Choosing Your California King Snake Substrate

Choosing Your California King Snake Substrate

When it comes to choosing your California kingsnake substrate, careful thought needs to be given to the particles that you add to your king snake’s enclosure. Simply put, a substrate is stuff that makes up your snake’s floor. So why is choosing your California kingsnake substrate so important? If you consider that this is where … Read more

The Redtail Boa Breeders Guide

The Redtail Boa Breeders Guide

What’s a better way to learn about redtail boa breeders? By reading the stories of some of the top breeders in the world. Redtails are a relatively new species in the boa family, and they’ve made quite the name for themselves as a very popular exotic pet. They’re also one of the most difficult species … Read more

How To Get Full Grown Rainbow Boa And Keep It Happy Healthy

How To Get Full Grown Rainbow Boa And Keep It Happy Healthy

Many people are familiar with the rainbow boa, a snake which lives in the jungles of South America. The full grown rainbow boa can live up to 150 years and grows to a length of over five meters. It’s a “small pet”, but the rainbow boa can bring joy to a family. The full grown … Read more

7 Fun Facts About Rosy Boa Full Size 

7 fun facts about Rosy boa full size 

Lichanura or Rosy boa full size is the smallest of the world’s boa constrictors. This type of boa is very popular among snake enthusiasts because of its bright and unique coloration. The pattern of rosy, pink, and black is known as “rosé,” and it’s a genetically modified color. This trait was brought into existence by … Read more