Feeder Cricket Lifespan: What To Expect!

Feeder Cricket Lifespan What To Expect!

Cultivating them isn’t a difficult task, but what is a Feeder Cricket’s lifespan? This is what you can expect! Feeder Crickets are a great source of protein and other nutrients for captive pets. Whether you’re cultivating them for your own reptiles or you’re starting a business, knowing how long they live will help you plan … Read more

Food Or Foe: Do Bearded Dragons Eat Scorpions?

Food Or Foe Do Bearded Dragons Eat Scorpions

They aren’t picky eaters, but do Bearded Dragons eat scorpions? Wild Beardies eat a mix of live protein sources and vegetables, but serving them scorpions in captivity is debatable. Some Bearded Dragon owners will argue that serving dead scorpions to your pet is okay, while others say it’s still best to steer away from this … Read more

Green Basilisk Full Size: The Ultimate Guide

Green Basilisk Full Size The Ultimate Guide

Knowing what a Green Basilisk’s full size is before purchasing one is something you should do when planning to get this lizard as a pet. Spoiler alert: they’re big! Green Basilisks will catch anyone’s eye with their beauty, but their cold demeanor might scare you off. These lizards are known for challenging their owners, and … Read more

Do Gopher Snakes Have Teeth?

Do Gopher Snakes Have Teeth

If you’re planning to keep one as a pet, it’s normal to ask if Gopher Snakes have teeth. These constrictors can seem scary at first, but you’ll see they’re not once you know more about them! Gopher Snakes have exciting characteristics. They’re powerful and large, with an average length of 4 feet. They have cream-colored … Read more

Chinese Water Dragon Foods: The Do’s and Don’ts

Chinese Water Dragon Foods The Do's and Don'ts

They’ve become popular amongst reptile owners, but you should know which foods Chinese Water Dragons need in their diet before you buy one. Chinese Water Dragons are easy to care for, friendly, and exotic! They’re semi-aquatic reptiles and like climbing trees. They can live for up to 20 years and hibernate during the winter. Chinese … Read more

How Big Can A Brazilian Rainbow Boa Grow?

How Big Can A Brazilian Rainbow Boa Grow

You should know how big a Brazilian Rainbow Boa can grow before getting one as a pet. Constrictors are an exciting species, but it’s best not to get one if you’re not prepared for their size. I love Boas – they’re big, non-venomous, and mostly have a docile temperament. Brazilian Rainbow Boas are no different, … Read more

Ball Python In Water Bowl For Days: When To Worry

Ball Python In Water Bowl For Days When To Worry

Snakes spending time in water are usually no cause for concern, but if your Ball Python is in their water bowl for days, you should be alarmed. Ball Pythons like to soak. It helps them with common health issues, and sometimes they just enjoy swimming. To ensure they get enough time in the water, you … Read more

Are Red Tail Boas Good Pets? Here’s What you Should Know!

Are Red Tail Boas Good Pets Here's What you Should Know!

If you’re into big snakes, you’re probably here asking: are Red Tail Boas good pets? If that’s the case, read this piece for everything you should know about this pet snake.  Red Tail Boas are nonvenomous, and despite their name, they can be brown, cream, or shades of gray. You’ll be happy to know that … Read more

Large Snakes: Are Gopher Snakes Good Pets?

Large Snakes Are Gopher Snakes Good Pets

It’s uncommon to find one, so asking if Gopher Snakes are good pets is valid. You won’t spot this species in many reptile owners’ homes, and in this article, you’ll find out why! Many people know Gopher Snakes as wild snakes, and it’s not the first reptile that comes to mind when you’re searching for … Read more

How Fast Can Snakes Slither? The Statistics On Speed!

How Fast Can Snakes Slither The Statistics On Speed!

It’s true that you can outrun them, but how fast can snakes slither? Let’s look at their speed on land and in water, and what you can do to stay safe! Encountering a snake can be a scary experience, and if you don’t act right, you can be in real trouble. Knowing what to expect … Read more