How Far Can A Snake See? The Million Dollar Answer!

How Far Can A Snake See The Million Dollar Answer!

If you’re curious about how far snakes can see, you’ve come to the right place for all the ins and outs of snake sight! Like humans, snakes can see with their eyes, but it works a little differently. Their eyesight isn’t great either, so they use other methods to “see” as well. There are also … Read more

How Big Does A Chinese Water Dragon Get?

How Big Does A Chinese Water Dragon Get

Before I bought one for the first time, I wondered how big does a Chinese Water Dragon get. These seemingly small creatures have always interested me, and I wanted to keep one as a pet. To do so, I needed to buy the right sized enclosure. There’s no way I’d be keeping my lizard in … Read more

How Big Do Tomato Frogs Get? Here’s Clarity!

How Big Do Tomato Frogs Get Here's Clarity!

Besides knowing that they have a unique red color, you need to know how big Tomato Frogs get if you plan to keep one as a pet. The size of your pet frog will determine their enclosure, how much they need to be fed, and how easy it is to transport and handle them. In … Read more

How Big Will A Corn Snake Get? The Ultimate Guide!

How Big Will A Corn Snake Get The Ultimate Guide!

How big will a Corn Snake get? When I heard my friend asking this question, I knew I had to write an article giving everyone the answer! If you want to take good care of a snake, you need to know their full-grown size before purchasing one. The size of a snake determines many things, … Read more

How Big Do Basilisk Lizards Get? The Facts!

How Big Do Basilisk Lizards Get The Facts!

Knowing how big do Basilisk Lizards get before buying one as a pet is essential. They’re excellent show-reptiles and need a well-sized and planted vivarium to live happily. You’ll only be sure that you can house one if you know the answer to this question! There are four types of Basilisk Lizards, but the Green … Read more

Do Tokay Geckos Bite? The Painful Truth!

Do Tokay Geckos Bite The Painful Truth!

If you want one as a pet, you have to ask, do Tokay Geckos bite? Owning a reptile for the first time can seem daunting, so it’s best to gear yourself with all the knowledge you need before buying one. I’ve never owned a Tokay Gecko as a pet, but in my line of work, … Read more

Columbian Red Tail Boa: Full Grown, Juvenile and Newborn

Columbian Red Tail Boa Full Grown, Juvenile and Newborn

You can’t decide if they’ll make a great pet when you don’t know the size and needs of a full-grown Columbian Red Tail Boa, so I give you all the deets in this article.  Yes, I have one, and believe me when I say they’re way more than a handful! Not only to care for … Read more

California Kingsnake Tank Size: Having The Right Enclosure Matters

Before purchasing one, you need to know the tank size a California Kingsnake needs. California Kingsnakes are one of the most popular pet snakes, and if you take proper care of them, they’re an excellent pet to have! If you think tank size isn’t a big deal, you’re dead wrong! Placing your snake in an … Read more

California Kingsnake’s Temperature Needs: The Do’s And Don’ts

California Kingsnake's Temperature Needs The Do's And Don'ts

Snakes have special enclosure requirements, and knowing the California Kingsnake’s temperature needs, is essential before owning one.  California Kingsnakes, aka Cali Kings, are excellent beginner pet snakes because they have a calm and unique personality. Captive-bred Kingsnakes are available from breeders, pet shops, and reptile shows or shops.  This snake species can live for more … Read more

Can You Have a Garter Snake as a Pet? Find out Here!

Can You Have a Garter Snake as a Pet Find out Here!

Are you wondering if you can have a Garter Snake as a pet? I’ll tell you the truth! I grew up in a family that loves snakes. We’ve had almost every species that you can keep as a pet! Do you want to know the truth about Garter Snakes? Let me put it this way … Read more