Check With Authorities

This website talks about the care of several kinds of exotic animals as pets. However, owning certain pets comes with certain sets of laws. These laws can be strict and vary from state to state and quite often from county to county or even city to city.

Do not assume that any animal mentioned on this website, available on any pet website, or available at any pet store is legal for you to own in your area.

You must do your own research/homework to stay out of trouble with an authority figure or two (or three). Before you run out and buy any of the animals mentioned on this website or any other, find out if it is legal to own that animal/species in your area, and if it requires any type of special license or permit to own that animal/species in your area.


Start by contacting your local health department. They often have jurisdiction in these matters. Then check with your local city hall or county office. Contact your local/state Agricultural Department or check the websites of the above-mentioned offices and see if you can find the information there. Check to make sure you are not going to purchase an animal that is protected as native wildlife in your area or state.

Make absolutely sure you are not violating any federal, state, county, city, town, or local laws, rules, or regulations by owning the animal you want to own.

We here at are not responsible for the failure on your part to check out all of the legalities involved in owning any pet you are considering.

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