Colombian Red Tail Boa Growth Rate

Without knowing the growth rate of a Colombian Red Tail Boa, you can’t estimate how long you’ll need to live with your pet snake at each given size they reach. 

Colombian Red Tail Boas make good pets, and when you know how fast your Boa will grow, you can prepare better before their arrival. Snakes need enclosures that grow with them, and you’ll also need to adjust their eating schedule and diet to fit their growing bodies. While many factors influence how well a Colombian Red Tail Boa grows, knowing the estimates will put your mind at ease. 

In this article, I share the growth rate of a Colombian Red Tail Boa and shed light on some of the things that can derail your snake’s growth and prevent them from reaching its growth milestones. 

Colombian Red Tail Boa Growth Rate: Length And Weight By Age

When Red Tail Boas are born, they don’t seem as big, but once they start growing, you’ll soon realize why these constrictors are one of the biggest snake species around!

Hatchling Colombian Red Tail Boa Size

Colombian Red Tail Boas are born with a weight of 2 ounces, and they’re approximately 20 inches long. Baby Boas are independent at birth, and once they start feeding on small fuzzy mice or rats, you’ll notice how quickly their bodies change!

Juvenile Colombian Red Tail Boa Size

Juvenile snakes are between 4 months and 1 year old. Your Boa will be around 3 feet long and weigh between 25 to 30 pounds at this age.

The amount of food they eat will also be more, and when they seem ready, you can start transitioning to medium-sized rats. 

Sub-Adult Colombian Red Tail Boa Size

When you Red Tail Boa is 2 years old, they’re well on their way to becoming mature, but not quite there yet.

Sub-adult Boas are approximately 6 feet long, and thanks to bigger meals, they’ll weigh between 50 and 60 pounds. 

Adult Colombian Red Tail Boa Size

Colombian Red Tail Boas reach maturity between 3 and 4 years, but they continue to grow beyond this age gradually.

Female Boas weigh in at 80 – 90 pounds when they’re mature and measure lengths of up to 9 feet. Male Boas are smaller than females and only reach lengths of up to 8 feet while weighing around 70 pounds. 

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 How fast do Colombian boas grow

Factors That Influence The Growth Rate Of A Colombian Red Tail Boa

If your Boa isn’t living a healthy life, they won’t grow at the pace they should. Your snake might become longer but be underweight. Here are the main factors that influence the growth rate of a Colombian Red Tail Boa:


If your Boa isn’t receiving all the nutrients they need to stay healthy; they’ll struggle to reach growth milestones. You should keep them on a healthy diet to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Red Tail Boas don’t have complicated feeding needs, and if you serve them mice or rats from a reputable source, they’re guaranteed to thrive! If you notice your pet snake has trouble reaching its milestones, you can top its diet with nutritional supplements. 

Some Boas can develop calcium or Vitamin D3 deficiency, and when this happens, their bone and muscle growth is weakened. You can buy powder or liquid supplements for these nutrients from your specialized vet or pet stores. 


If your Boa frequently gets sick, they’ll be too weak to grow. You need to keep your pet snake healthy if you want to see them develop as they should.

Their diet, enclosure, and stress can influence their overall health. Be sure to check that your Boa’s enclosure is to their liking, that they get enough nutritious meals, and that you care for them gently and patiently, so they don’t experience any stress. 


If your snake’s enclosure is too big, they might get stressed. On the other hand, if it’s too small, they won’t have enough space for movement, negatively impacting their health and growth.

Colombian Red Tail Boas also need branches in their enclosure for climbing. This allows them to develop their muscles and strength to grow better. 

What To Do If Your Colombian Red Tail Boa Doesn’t Reach Growth Milestones

If you think you’re doing everything right, but your Boa still isn’t reaching its growth milestones, a visit to your specialized vet might be in order.

Your vet can thoroughly examine your pet snake to help determine why they’re experiencing growth issues. In most cases, a feeding supplement or change in their diet will resolve the problem. 

Another reason your snake might have trouble growing is because of shedding issues. Snakes shed when they grow, and if they struggle to lose this old skin, they experience problems. To help your Boa shed easier, keep the humidity levels in their enclosure between 60 – 70%.

You can also put a large water dish in their tank to soak in. When snakes do this, their old skin loosens and sheds easier. 

Wrapping Up

Colombian Red Tail Boas are pretty small when they hatch, but they don’t stay this way for long. These snakes rapidly grow into foot-long constrictors that can capture and squeeze prey much larger than them. Luckily, your captive Boa won’t do this to you, but knowing how big they can get will help you decide if you’re ready to care for and handle a snake of their size!

I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any more questions about the growth rate of Red Tail Boas or their care in general, ask them in the comments, and I’ll get back to you. 

How fast do Colombian Boas grow?

Colombian Red Tail Boas grow relatively fast, and they can reach a few feet within their first year.

What size tank does a Colombian Red Tail Boa need?

The minimum tank size for an adult Red Tail Boa is 4 by 2 feet.

Do Colombian Boas like to climb?


Colombian Boas like to climb and wrap themselves around branches.

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