Colombian Red Tail Boa Lifespan: How Old They Get!

Before you purchase or adopt one, you should know the lifespan of a Colombian Red Tail Boa. Snakes can get pretty old, and this species isn’t an exception!

Many people who’d like to own a snake are excited when they search for one, but this feeling often fades once they realize how old snakes get. Getting a Colombian Red Tail Boa as a pet is a lifelong investment, and you need to be ready for this before buying one. 

In this article, I cover the lifespan of a Colombian Red Tail Boa and share which factors influence this.

Colombian Red Tail Boa Lifespan: What To Expect

Colombian Red Tail Boas are part of the constrictor snake species, and they tend to live really long, even in captivity!

Some wild Boas have reached estimated ages of over 40 years, but your captive snake might get no older than 30. 

Many factors will influence the health of your captive Red Tail Boa, and this, in turn, determines how old they grow. If you care for your snake and give them a comfortable enclosure to live in, you can expect to spend about 20 to 30 years of your life with them. 

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Colombian Red Tail Boa Growth Chart

Male and female Red Tail Boas grow at about the same speed, but females typically reach greater lengths and weights than male snakes. 

Here’s a breakdown of their length and weight by age:

Females Colombian Red Tail Boa Length And Weight

Birth: 17 – 20 inches / 2 ounces

7 Months: 3 feet / 30 pounds

2 Years: 6 feet / 60 pounds

3 Years: 7 – 8 feet / 70 – 80 pounds

4 Years: 8 – 9 feet / 80 – 90 pounds

Male Colombian Red Tail Boa Length And Weight

Birth: 17 – 20 inches / 2 ounces

7 Months: 3 feet / 30 pounds

2 Years: 6 feet / 60 pounds

3 Years: 6 – 7 feet / 60 – 70 pounds

4 Years: 7 – 8 feet / 70 – 80 pounds

Beyond year 4, Red Tail Boas gradually keep growing until they die. 

 How can you tell the age of a red tail boa

Factors That Influence The Lifespan Of A Colombian Red Tail Boa

During a Red Tail Boas’ life, many factors impact how old they get. It’s nearly impossible to guess how old your captive snake will grow, but your pet will have a long and happy life if you keep these factors in mind!

Their Enclosure

The quality of your pet’s enclosure will determine how healthy the life they live is. Without the right temperature and humidity in their tank, your snake’s health will decline.

You should also provide your Boa with things that will help them live a life as they would in the wild. I recommend tree branches, a nice basking spot, and an area to cool down.

Their Diet

Red Tail Boas will thrive on a consistent diet of rats. While they’re small, you can feed your baby Boa fuzzy mice and then transition to larger rats as they grow. Boas should receive food every 5 to 7 days, although smaller portions more frequently are healthier for them. 

If you skimp on your snake’s diet, it won’t have enough energy to grow. Giving them live prey can also cause illness if a rat or mouse bites them. 

You need to feed your Colombian Red Tail Boa on a schedule (let your snake lead you on this) and only serve them thawed rats or mice from a trusted source. 

Their Health

Besides their environment and the food you feed them, snakes might be born with a compromised immune system. In this case, your Boa will regularly get sick and won’t live as long.

Their Stress Levels

Snakes that frequently undergo stress don’t live as long as those who don’t. 

Colombian Red Tail Boas can experience stress when their enclosure is too big or small, they feel threatened all the time, or you handle them with improper techniques. 

Despite their scary nature, snakes are sensitive creatures. 

How To Tell The Age Of A Colombian Red Tail Boa

If you adopt a Colombian Red Tail Boa or spot one at a rehabilitation center, there are a few ways to tell their age. 

The first is by speaking with the breeder. This is the most accurate way to determine how old a snake is. If you can’t contact the breeder or the person you’re adopting from doesn’t recall, you can look at the snake’s size and color.

Boas typically reach certain lengths and weights at specific ages. You can quickly estimate how old a snake is by looking at these two things, but it can be more challenging if they’re already mature.

Colombian Red Tail Boas continue to grow after reaching maturity gradually. Looking at their color from here onward is a better indicator of their age. As Boas grow old, they begin to lose brightness. You can look at pictures of a snake when they were young to determine how much older they’ve gotten. 

Final Words

Colombian Red Tail Boas make excellent pets, but you shouldn’t buy one if you’re unwilling to live with and care for a snake that’ll be around for 20 years or more. Boas can get pretty large too, so their size is another factor to consider.

I hope this article was helpful and that you’ll have an easier time deciding if a Colombian Red Tail Boa is the perfect pet for you. If you have any more questions, ask them in the comments!

How can you tell the age of a Red Tail Boa?

The best, and only true way, to tell the age of a Red Tail Boa is by talking to the breeder who hatched them. You might be able to guess by a snake's weight and length, but their hatch date is the most accurate.

How much is a Colombian Red Tail Boa worth?

When they're hatchlings, Columbian Red Tail Boas sell for $150 to $200. It's rare for people to pay anything near this amount once the snake is older.

How many babies do Red Tail Boas have?

Female Boas can give birth to up to 64 young, and baby Boas are independent from birth. The average litter of snakes for Red Tail Boas is 25.

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