Do Bearded Dragons Have Personalities? The Ultimate Answer!

Because they require less time and care than other pets, it’s normal to wonder if bearded dragons have personalities. Many people also assume that reptiles aren’t intelligent, but these creatures have proved the critics wrong!

Bearded dragons are friendly reptiles, and if you live in a small apartment or even just like reptiles, they make an excellent pet. In this article, I share what I know about Bearded Dragon personalities to help you decide if they are suitable pets for you.

Do Bearded Dragons Have Personalities?

Like any other animal, Bearded Dragons have a unique personality too! I think some people think they don’t because they don’t take the time to get to know their pet.

A typical way to describe these reptiles are calm and passive, but for me, there are three distinct personality types:

  • Laid Back
  • Hyperactive
  • Cuddly

Bearded Dragons show signs of their personality from a young age, so if you pay attention, it won’t be long before you know what personality yours has. 

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The Three Personality Types Of Bearded Dragons Explained

Laid Back

The laid-back Bearded Dragon doesn’t need much explanation. They’re calm, easy to handle, and mostly look like expressionless statues. 

You can place them anywhere, and they’ll typically just sit and stare. They take little interest in their surroundings and only get slightly active when it’s time to breed. 


Hyperactive Bearded Dragons are constantly on the move. Most males have this personality type, and some breeders may describe them as sexually aggressive. 

You won’t be able to handle them easily since they loathe being held for long. But, they still need attention because when you don’t give them proper care, they can turn into biters.


Bearded Dragons with a cuddly personality are the best to have. They’re alert, aware, and interested in their surroundings. You can really form a bond with cuddlers, and they respond well to human interaction. 

Cuddly Bearded Dragons can be held for an extended period, like playtime outside their enclosure, and they love when you pet them. When you have a cuddler, you’ll need to frequently take them out of their cage to sit on your shoulder or explore near you. 

 do bearded dragons have personalities

Identifying Your Bearded Dragon’s Personality Type

Before you pin a personality type to your Bearded Dragon, you need to know their basic behaviors and how they communicate. These are some basic movements they use for communicating:

Head Bobbing

Bearded Dragons can bob their head fast or slow, and each signifies something different. 

When your Beardie makes quick, aggressive-like head bobs, it means they feel threatened or are ready to challenge you. Your pet can add a unique twist to this bobbing or include a front-foot wave in a circular motion. 

If you notice your Bearded Dragon doing a slow head bob, they feel content. 

Head Rolling

When a Bearded Dragon slowly rolls their head, they’re submissive to either you or the other Beardie in their enclosure. 

Mouth Motions

Typically, Bearded Dragons don’t bite. They’re calm around their owners and won’t be aggressive unless necessary. 

If you notice your Beardie has their mouth wide open while lifting their body from the ground, they may be angry at you and ready to bite. I don’t recommend trying to pick them up at this time – if you want to calm them down, speak in a gentle, soft voice. 

Bearded Dragon Emotions And Feelings

In the wild, most reptiles live solitary lives, so there’s never a need to develop any emotions or feelings. Scientists believe that the part of their brain that regulates these is always underdeveloped. But, if a Beardie grows up in a social environment from a young age, they can display some emotion and get attached to their owners.

Your Bearded Dragon’s level of affection depends on their personality, but some emotions like anger, boredom, curiosity, fear, and restlessness are shared among all caged Beardies. If yours have a cuddly personality, they might seek comfort from you when they experience stress or anxiety. 

How Do Bearded Dragons Show Affection To Their Owners?

There are several ways to grow a bond with your Bearded Dragon. Their willingness to do these things will depend on their personality, but all are worth trying!

  • Placing your Beardie on your lap
  • Taking them for a walk
  • Placing their bedtime enclosure next to your bed
  • Letting your Bearded Dragon explore the surrounding near you

You’ll notice these behaviors if your Bearded Dragon is fond of you:

  • Positive reactions when you pet them
  • Hostile reactions when someone other than you tries to handle them
  • Scratching on their enclosure glass when you return home
  • Seeking you when they feel scared or stressed

Final Words

Bearded Dragons are friendly reptiles, especially when you take good care of them. When you discover your Beardie’s personality, you should do your best to accommodate it. If your pet is relaxed, don’t bother them too much, but if you have a hyperactive one, you should try to regularly let them out for exploration. 

After reading his piece, I hope you have a better idea of which personalities to expect from a pet Bearded Dragon. If you’ve been able to identify which personality your Beardie has, share it in the comments!

Do Bearded Dragons get attached to their owners?


Bearded Dragons are much like cats and dogs when it comes to attachment. They can recognize their owners' scent and voice and show affection to them.

Can Bearded Dragons understand you?


Unlike other pets such as dogs or cats, Bearded Dragons don't have a heightened ability of emotion, but they can recognize and respond to your touch and voice.

How do you know if Bearded Dragons like you?

Signs that your Bearded Dragon doesn't like you include biting, puffing its beard, hissing at you, and showing no affection.

Do Bearded Dragons like being petted?

If your Bearded Dragon is used to being handled, they will enjoy it when you pet them. A sign that they like you stroking them is closed eyes and a relaxed body

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