Do Red Tail Boas Like To Climb? The Interesting Facts!

Do Red Tail Boas like to climb? Here’s the interesting truth that might terrify you, but shouldn’t!

Like many other snake species, Red Tail Boas can climb. If the thought of a snake wrapping themselves around branches or attempting to climb their enclosure glass terrifies you, it’s best to not keep one as a pet. Luckily, most captive snakes are non-venomous, and they definitely won’t climb branches or walls to eat you. 

Snakes use climbing to search for food, stay active, and develop their muscles. It’s a necessary part of their growth. If your Red Tail Boa starts climbing, you have nothing to worry about.

In this article, I share whether Red Tail Boas enjoy climbing, how you can accommodate this in their enclosure, and what you need to add to their habitat to encourage this necessary exercise. 

Do Red Tail Boas Like To Climb?

Red Tail Boas are semi-arboreal. If you keep one as a pet, they’ll appreciate a branch or vines in their enclosure that are big and sturdy enough to hold their weight. 

Young Red Tail Boas will climb anything and everything within their reach. They also love wrapping their bodies around thin vines and branches, so provide them with enough of these.  

Older Red Tail Boas are more terrestrial but will still climb if given the opportunity. Remember to provide thicker, heavier branches, as these guys are bigger than the young ones and definitely heavier.  

Always secure all branches and climbing apparatus to limit the risk of falls and injury. Ensure that branches cannot be loosened to expose screws that may cause injury. You can also provide 3D models made from various snake-safe materials to encourage climbing and exploring.

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 How To Add Climbing Decor To Your Red Tail Boa Enclosure

Adding climbing decor to your snake’s enclosure will keep them on the move and improve their health. Ensure that all branches you add are sturdy enough to carry your snake’s weight.

You can buy branches from pet stores or find some outside. Wherever you get them from, remember to disinfect the branches before adding them to your snake’s cage. 

All branches should be secured to the enclosure to avoid the risk of falling and injury. You can also decide to add 3D backgrounds to encourage climbing and provide extra activities to your snake.  

Another popular way to add opportunities for climbing is to build rock faces using environmentally friendly materials. 

Is Climbing Good For Snakes?

Climbing is an excellent activity for captive snakes! Red Tail Boas can become overweight if they don’t move enough, and adding branches and vines or even 3D models of rocky cliffs can provide your snake with the amount of exercise they need to stay healthy. 

The different textures and levels of not only 3D backgrounds and branches but live plants will stimulate your snake’s brain and keep them from getting bored.

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Do Red Tail Boas Like To Swim?

Red Tail Boas have impressive swimming skills. They prefer not to swim and would rather stay on land, but if needed, they can easily cross a body of water. 

Captive Red Tail Boas may enjoy swimming under certain circumstances. When the humidity in their enclosure is too low, Red Tail Boas will use their water bowl to add moisture to their bodies.  

Your snake might enjoy swimming for pleasure too. This can also be an excellent way for them to get exercise. You can offer a kiddy pool with an added branch so your Red Tail Boa can enter and exit it comfortably. 

Note: Never force your Red Tail Boa to swim. This is something they should choose to do on their own. 

Exercise For Red Tail Boas

Providing an appropriate environment for your Red Tail Boa can encourage them to exercise and display more natural behavior. This will also add levels of stimulation and activity for good health.  

You can add novel items to your snake’s enclosure to encourage exploration and cognitive development. 

Allowing your Red Tail Boa to explore an unknown area will also be a fun activity for them. 

Red Tail Boas can be given puzzles or even mazes to figure out. This provides them an opportunity to learn and exercise. Handling your Red Tail Boa is also an excellent exercise for them. 

Plants and vines are another easy and cost-effective way to add decorations and provide enrichment and mental stimulation to your Red Tail Boas’ enclosure.

In Conclusion

If you notice your Red Tail Boa climbing their enclosure, it’s definitely not a sign that they’re trying to escape. Snakes climb for exercise and pleasure, so add a few branches, plants, and climbing decor to their tank. 

Your Red Tail Boa enclosure should be big enough to accommodate climbing decor. If you’re limited on space, you can create a climbing wall with 3D modeling or custom decor. Your pet snake will appreciate these opportunities to explore and exercise.

I hope you liked this article and that you have a better idea about why snakes climb. Gearing your Red Tail Boa enclosure with climbing decor will help your snake stay healthy! If you have any questions not answered in this article, pop them in the comments, and I’ll get back to you.


Do Boa Constrictors climb trees?

Boa Constrictors are semi-arboreal. While young, Boas like climbing trees and shrubs to search for food. As these snakes get older and heavier, they prefer spending time on land since climbing becomes a more strenuous task.

Can Boa Constrictors climb walls?

Some snakes can climb walls, but not just any type. The wall your Boa might attempt to climb will have to have gripping available like brick or stone walls.

Can all snakes climb?


Some snakes are great at climbing, but others lack this ability.

Do snakes climb beds?

If a bed has enough grip for a snake, they can climb onto it.