How Big Do Basilisk Lizards Get? The Facts!

Knowing how big do Basilisk Lizards get before buying one as a pet is essential. They’re excellent show-reptiles and need a well-sized and planted vivarium to live happily. You’ll only be sure that you can house one if you know the answer to this question!

There are four types of Basilisk Lizards, but the Green Basilisk is the most sought after. They can live up to ten years, making them a commitment rather than just a pet reptile. Basilisk Lizards aren’t fond of being handled, so whichever type you decide to get should bring you pleasure to look at. 

Now that you have some extra knowledge of these lizards, let’s get into the details you’re here for!

Basilisk Lizards: Show And Tell

Basilisk Lizards are non-poisonous reptiles that live well in captivity and make excellent anti-social pets. 

If you don’t like petting reptiles and prefer to admire their beauty, a Basilisk Lizard might just be perfect for you! Basilisks aren’t friendly, don’t enjoy being handled, and are easily frightened.

Besides a clean environment and specific dietary requirements, you’ll need to keep your Basilisk Lizard in an appropriate size enclosure if you want to see them thrive. 

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How Big Do Basilisk Lizards Get?

Knowing how big a Basilisk Lizard gets by the time they’re mature will help you figure out if you have room to house them since their tank size is directly related to how long they measure. 

So, how big do Basilisk Lizards get? 

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 How big of a tank does a basilisk lizard need

The Average Length of a Basilisk Lizard

Typically, they don’t exceed 35 inches from snout to vent, but their length is dependent on which subspecies of Basilisk Lizard they are and whether they’re male or female. 

On average, males are 26 – 35 inches, and females are 18 – 24 inches long. Of this length, about 75% is their tail. Usually, a 28-inch long Basilisk Lizard will have a tail of 19 inches. 

The Average Weight Of A Basilisk Lizard

An adult female Basilisk Lizard can weigh up to 7 oz, while a male’s weight can be double this number. 

It’s rare for a Basilisk Lizard to reach obesity, but if you don’t follow a strict diet, they can suffer from vitamin deficiency, metabolic bone disease, or parasites. 

Compared to the average Joe, a Basilisk Lizard won’t outgrow you. They’re small reptiles that you can keep as a show pet, and they lose most of their size when crawling. Although they don’t prefer it, a Basilisk Lizard can fit in the palm of your hand, with their tail hanging down. 

Basilisk Lizard Enclosure Requirements

Keeping your Basilisk Lizard in a too-small tank can cause stress. You need to buy a spacious enclosure for them to climb, run, and relax in. 

An ideal space for captive Basilisk Lizards can be 72 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 48 inches high. This creates an area that is more than double the length of an average lizard, leaving enough room for them to roam. 

While your Basilisk Lizard is still a baby, you need to fill their enclosure with lots of greenery and branches. They tend to feel frightened and exposed in large spaces when they’re still small, but you can remove these decorations as possible when they start growing.

If you can afford it, you can buy a smaller tank for your Basilisk Lizard while they’re still little and upgrade to a larger enclosure as they mature. Their smaller enclosure will still need decorative pieces to mimic your Basilisk Lizard’s natural habitat. 

This is what you can include in their enclosure to ensure that your Basilisk Lizard lives in a safe and healthy mimic of their natural habitat:

  • Heating and a few basking spots
  • Lighting
  • A soil, moss, or bark woodchip bedding
  • Natural rocks
  • Branches and greenery
  • A large water bowl

Basilisk Lizards are anti-social, so they spend almost all their time inside their enclosure. You need to ensure that it’s a clean, fun, and interactive place for them to live. Adding lots of greenery and branches ensures that your Basilisk Lizard gets some exercise and makes the enclosure prettier to look at. 

In Ending

A Basilisk Lizard is an excellent pick if you’re looking for a reptile pet that’s more for the show than anything else. These anti-social creatures are easy to care for, require little of your time, and are magnificent to look at. 

The most important thing to remember when you decide to become the owner of one is that they need enough space to move around as they would in the wild. The bigger their enclosure, the better! Basilisk Lizards have a short body, but their tail is long, and you wouldn’t want them banging it against their tank every time they turn around. 

If you have more questions about Basilisk Lizards or anything mentioned in this article, leave them in the comment section below for other community members and me to answer!

How big of a tank does a Basilisk Lizard need?

A Basilisk Lizard requires a tank size of at least 3 x 3 x 4 feet. When you're choosing a tank, bigger is better!

The best way to determine the tank size your Basilisk Lizard needs is by taking their gender and researching how long their specific subspecies get - buy a tank two or three times this size.

How big do brown Basilisk Lizards get?

A mature male brown Basilisk Lizard can reach a length of up to 24 inches from head to tail, while the female is just somewhat shorter.

How tall is a common Basilisk?

A common Basilisk can be up to 2.5 feet long when they reach maturity.

What is a Basilisk Lizard's size?

The average lenght and weight of a female and male Basislik Lizard are between 24 - 34 inches tall and 7 - 14 ounces.

This is just a ballpark figure, and the size of your Basilisk Lizard will depend on their health which is influenced by the enclosure you keep them in and their diet.