Amazing Facts On How Long Carpet Pythons Live Revealed!

The Carpet Python

Carpet python, which is the common name for Morelia spilota, is a large species of snake of the family Pythonidae.  The snake usually measures between six feet and nine feet. At the other extreme, we have those that measure up to thirteen feet.

The article “How Long Carpet Pythons live?’ is written to provide insights about carpet python’s growth, length of life, and reproduction. There are various subspecies of which sp. mcdowelli is the largest and variegata, the smallest. Female carpet pythons are generally longer than their male counterparts and also often way heavier.

They have various colorations and patterns which sometimes depend on their environment.
For instance, those that inhabit the desert may bear a dull color that is closer to red or brown while those in tropical areas may appear in more vibrant colors like yellow.

They are called carpet pythons because of the beautiful patterns and markings that they bear on their bodies which resemble that of an exquisite oriental carpet.

Do Carpet Pythons Lay Eggs?

Yes, carpet pythons lay eggs – they are oviparous. Usually, carpet pythons breed once a year for a particular period. Often, it’s the same time of the year. If you are someone that keeps these snakes as pets, you will already know when this breeding period is about to begin. During this time preceding it, you will want to fatten up the females a little as they are the ones that will bear and lay the eggs, of course.

The males on the other hand should be kept lean and fit for copulation. This is the time when males get defensive, combative, and try to establish their territories while fending off other males. After a male and a female python have copulated a few times, fertilization of the ova will occur and the female will have a swelling somewhere around her middle.

Almost a month later, the female will lay about ten to twenty-five eggs. These eggs will usually be protected by the mother until they hatch. This maternal protection is a unique trait in carpet snakes.

Can A Carpet Python Swim?

Carpet pythons can swim but this does not make an ocean their ideal habitat. Like most snakes, they can hold their breaths for some minutes and may enjoy a good swim now and then, but that’s about where it ends.

Are Carpet Pythons Hard To Keep Or Easy?

Considering how common it is to find carpet pythons in controlled environments as pets or just in terrariums, we can easily conclude that carpet pythons are not hard to keep. There are just a few things you need to know about keeping them.

Their cage should be made of a material that does not absorb a lot of heat because carpet pythons do not do well in hot environments. The cage should also be easily accessible, allow unrestricted monitoring, and retain some humidity.

Carpet pythons need a little climbing space, so, the cage should also have some furniture or anything, really, that is off the bottom of the cage that they can hang on to. In, addition, ensure that the cage is large. The sum of the length and width of the cage should be greater than or at least equal to the length of the snake. Anything less and things may get uncomfortable.

In terms of heat and light, there are not a lot of rules. Just provide enough light for sight on their part, then, easy observation, and cleaning on your part. Creating a temperature gradient is advisable with one side having a lower temperature than the other.
Just make sure that the temperature is not so high that it burns up the cage and leaves your pythons shriveling up. You can make use of ceramic heat emitters or heat panels for this purpose.

Carpet pythons mostly feed on rats or mice. This can be considered the main part of their diet. They can also eat other small rodents like lizards and birds such as quail.

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 How long do carpet pythons grow?

How Often Should You Handle A Carpet Python?

You can handle your python as many as three times a week or more. You should not handle them for too long, however, as this can tamper with their body temperature. Also, make sure that they are willing to be handled, are not stressed, and are not asleep when you want to do it.

If you try to handle a snake that is asleep, stressed, or has shown clear signs that it does not want to be, it may lash out and we all know that this often ends better for the snake than it does for the handler. Young snakes are usually less open to interaction while adult snakes would be calmer after having spent some time in captivity.

Before handling your carpet python after, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly to avoid infecting or getting infected.

How Long Does It Take A Carpet Python To Grow?

Carpet pythons reach sexual maturity at about two and a half to three years of age. At this age, they are capable of mating and reproducing. Although most would not grow beyond 2.5m, they can grow as long as 4m. They also would have reached at least half their height, if not more and they keep growing. At about age fifteen to twenty when they are nearing the end of their lifespan, they grow way slower.

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How Long Do Carpet Pythons Live?

Carpet pythons can live for as long as twenty years if they are in the wild. As a pet or in any form of controlled setting where they are not exposed to dangers and are well taken care of, they can live longer, as long as thirty years, sometimes even more.

 How long do carpet pythons live as pets?

Conclusion On How Long Carpet Pythons live

Carpet pythons, a species of snakes, are often kept as pets. Their vibrant colors and beautiful patterns not being the least of the reasons. They are not hard to keep and can live for as long as twenty years if properly taken care of.

The females are larger than the males and can reach up to a length of nine feet. They lay eggs, unlike the boas.

How Long Carpet Pythons live? Your pet python can live long healthy lives if you provide them with a conducive environment and some love.


How long does a carpet python live in captivity?

With appropriate measures put into place, including proper housing and feeding; carpet python in captivity can live for 20-30 years.

How long do carpet pythons live as pets?

As pets, carpet pythons can live as long as 30 years. Again, this depends on necessary care and living conditions.

How long do carpet pythons grow?

They can grow up to 4m in length. This makes them look intimidating.

How many babies do carpet pythons have?

Female pythons can lay up to 20 eggs at a time. They would coil around the eggs until they hatch.