Snake Facts: How Long Do Rosy Boas Live

How long do Rosy Boas live? If you’re asking this, you probably want one as a pet. Here’s the answer!

Snakes are known for living long, but how long exactly? The answer: it’s true that you’ll have a lifelong friend if you get a pet snake! Before getting a Rosy Boa, there are some big decisions you’ll have to make, and knowing how old they grow will influence this.

In this article, I share the average expected age of a Rosy Boa and give you some information on how to best prep and care for your snake if you decide to get one.

How Long Do Rosy Boas Live?

Most snake species live long. The Rosy Boa is no exception.  

When living in the wild, Rosy Boas usually only get 15 to 20 years old. This is because they face higher risks of diseases and have predators. If you keep a Rosy Boa as a pet, you can expect them to reach the age of 30. 

A Rosy Boa will only reach this age (or even older) if they’re kept healthy and happy. 

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Can I Keep A Rosy Boa As A Pet?

Rosy Boas make excellent pets, especially for beginners. They’re one of the most docile snake species. Rosy boas are easy to handle, making them a perfect choice for snake owners who still need to learn how to handle this reptile. 

Their docile nature, coupled with their longevity, makes them a very popular choice as pets.

The Best Diet For A Rosy Boas’ Health

The best food to feed your Rosy Boa is thawed mice. These mice have all the necessary nutrients to keep your snake healthy.  

For small snakes, a pinky mouse is sufficient. You can increase the size of the mouse you feed to your Boa as they grow and mature. Always feed your Rosy Boa two to four times a month during summer, and allow them to hibernate during the colder winter months.  

If you prefer to feed frozen mice, remember to start your Rosy Boa on frozen food as soon as possible.   

Rosy Boas don’t need much water, so only provide it when necessary. You can add water to their drinking bowl a day or two after they’ve eaten. When they drink water too soon after a meal, Rosy Boas can regurgitate their food. You can remove the water a day after placing it in their enclosure. 

The Best Enclosure For A Rosy Boas’ Health

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Rosy Boas like simple enclosures. 

Look for one that opens in the front since these are easier to clean and maintain. It’s important that your Boa enclosure is escape-proof because this species likes to wander around. Whenever they see an opportunity to get out, they’ll take it!

Rosy Boas also like to burrow. You should add soft substrate like aspen shavings to their tank. Paper towels or newspapers are also good choices. 

Remember to provide heating. This can be done by using heating tape or a mat. Use a thermostat to ensure you keep your Rosy Boa at a comfortable temperature.

Reasons Why A Rosy Boa Might Not Live Long

There are many factors that affect a Rosy Boas’ lifespan.  

In the wild, a Rosy Boa may not live long due to a lack of food. A number of diseases may also affect their longevity. Natural predators can also greatly shorten these snakes’ lifespans.

In captivity, preventable diseases can develop. A Rosy Boa in filthy habitats may develop a blistering disease affecting their bottom scales. You’ll have to take your pet to the vet for antibiotic treatment if this happens. Other infections, like respiratory infections, mouth rot, and fungal infections, can also occur due to poor care. To prevent diseases, clean your Rosy Boas’ enclosure at least once a month. 

Inclusion Body Disease (IBD) is common amongst Rosy Boas. This disease spreads by snake mites, and there is no known cure. Prevention is key. When you’re housing more than one Rosy Boa in an enclosure, always ensure they’re parasite-free and healthy. Regularly sanitize their tank to prevent one of them from picking up a disease and spreading it throughout the enclosure. 

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Final Words

Rosy Boas can live long, so don’t get one if you aren’t ready for a lifelong commitment. Starving your snake, letting them live in poor conditions, or releasing them into the wild because you got bored, is cruel. Don’t buy these snakes if you’re not willing to spend your days with them. 

You’ll have to properly care for, feed, and maintain your pet snake for them to stay healthy. Snakes make excellent silent companions, but they do require work. Your Rosy Boa will also need a specific diet to ensure optimal growth.

I hope you found your answer in this article and some more. If you have experience with Rosy Boas, you’re welcome to share your story in the comments. You can also ask any additional questions you have or share information about Rosy Boas you think other readers will find helpful!


How long can a Rosy Boa go without eating?

A Rosy Boa can go without food for about two weeks, but at this point, they'll already start to starve. You should never leave your pet snake this long without a meal.

How long do female Rosy Boas live?

A female Rosy Boa in captivity can live for more than 30 years. Getting this snake as a pet is a lifelong commitment!

Can a Rosy Boa live in a 10-gallon tank?

Rosy Boas can live in a 10-gallon enclosure, but the bigger tank they have, the better they'll be able to move.

How often should you handle a Rosy Boa?

You should handle your Rosy Boa for at least 20 minutes weekly to tame them and ensure they bond with you.