How Much Are Water Dragons Worth? Answer: Priceless!

If you’re in the market for one, knowing how much Water Dragons are worth will help you budget and find the best buy. Here’s the answer!

Water Dragons are unique, rare in some areas, and mesmerizing to stare at. If you’d like to keep one as a pet, you need to know what you’ll be paying and if you have the budget to care for them.

In this article, I share the expected cost of a Water Dragon, the different subspecies available, and how to best care for them. 

How Much Are Water Dragons Worth?

Chinese Water Dragons are very special. They’re one of the most unique reptiles and can become a lifelong pet if you take good care of them, living for 10 to 25 years!

Unlike their name suggests, Chinese Water Dragons don’t live in water. They’ll jump into and stay underwater for as long as 90 minutes if they feel threatened. They can also stand on their back legs to hide in long grass. 

You can buy Chinese Water Dragons from some pet stores, but they may be hard to find because they’re pretty big. Baby Water Dragons are generally about $20 to $80 each, but they’re worth every cent. 

Different Types of Water Dragons

 How big can water dragons get?

There are two types of water dragons. 

Chinese Water Dragons

Chinese Water Dragons are native to Asia. Despite their name, they aren’t as commonly found in China as in Thailand, Vietnam, and other Asian countries. You can also find them in India, Burma, and Laos. 

They are also referred to as Asian Water Dragons, Thai Water Dragons, and Green Water Dragons.

Australian Water Dragon

These Water Dragons can be found in forests in eastern Australia. The Australian Water Dragon category consists of two different types of water dragons:

  • Eastern Water Dragons
  • Gippsland Water Dragons

They’re mainly the same colors and the same size. Both have grey or green bodies, and the Eastern Water Dragon can be identified by black banding on their heads. The Gippsland Water Dragon has orange, yellow, and black stripes on their throats. 

Keeping A Water Dragon As A Pet

Enclosure or Habitat

 How long can a water dragon stay underwater?

In nature, Water Dragons usually live close to flowing water sources like rivers or creeks. They lay on rocks or chill out on branches to bake in the sun. They don’t have any preferences regarding humidity or weather conditions as they tend to adapt to any habitat. 

Water Dragons are giant reptiles, so their enclosure should be big if you keep them as a pet. Their biggest environmental need is a pool or body of water and a few branches. 


Water Dragons enjoy living on their own, so if you get more than one, there are some things you should keep in mind: 

  • Two females can easily be friends and share a habitat, but you should get them simultaneously. They should still be young when you put them in the same enclosure.
  • Male and female water dragons can be put together, but you’ll end up with baby Water Dragons soon enough. Males are ready to mate at around 5 years, and females start laying eggs at 4 years old. They lay 2 batches of eggs per year, and each batch can have 12 eggs.


Water Dragons are omnivorous reptiles. Their diets change as they age, and it typically depends on their habitat. 

 How much is an Australian water dragon?

In nature, young Water Dragons will eat insects like crickets and arachnids like spiders. Adult Dragons prey on small rodents like mice, birds, and fish. Sometimes they’ll snack on mollusks, eggs, and even greens. 

In captivity, you can feed your Water Dragon waxworms and mealworms. They also eat insects like beetles and brown crickets. They get bored with the same meal, so you can spice things up with an occasional leafy vegetable or a juicy piece of fruit. 


Water Dragons love being handled, but they have a pretty painful bite. It’s essential to handle them regularly because if they feel neglected, they’re prone to fight with other Dragons in their enclosure. 


Healthy Water Dragons are obviously the best type of Water Dragon. They’ll be happier, live longer, and be easier to handle if their health is in mint condition. 

You can tell that your Water Dragon is unhealthy or unhappy if they keep submerging themselves underwater. There are also some health factors that you can look out for:

  • A lack of calcium can cause metabolic bone disease, which is common amongst reptiles.
  • Females will lay eggs every breeding season, whether they have a baby daddy or not. If they don’t have a safe and secure place to lay their eggs, females will try to keep them inside. This can cause health issues like dehydration and suffocation.

To Sum It Up

You might be able to get cheaper baby Water Dragons, but these typically aren’t appropriately bred or from poor conditions where parasites and bacterias are common.

Getting in touch with a reputable breeder or buying your Water Dragon from a trusted pet store is always better. The price you pay is worth a healthy, well-bred reptile that won’t be prone to sickness or cause you many trips to the vet.

I hope this article was helpful. If you’ve already bought a Water Dragon, share what you paid for them in the comments to help others better prepare. You can also ask any other questions about Water Dragons in the comments!


How much is an Australian Water Dragon?

Australian Water Dragons can cost up to $400, while most have a starting price of $70.

How big can Water Dragons get?

When measured from the tip of their heads to their tail, a Water Dragon can reach up to 3 feet.

What can live with a Water Dragon?

Only other Water Dragons can live with Water Dragons. You shouldn't place your Dragon in an enclosure with another animal.

How long can a Water Dragon stay underwater?

Water Dragons can stay underwater for up to 90 minutes.