Where Do Veiled Chameleons Come From?

Where Do Veiled Chameleons Come From

If you’re wondering where veiled chameleons come from, I’ve got you covered! These fascinating little creatures originated from interesting lands. Chameleons seem like otherworldly creatures. There are many types, and each sub-species originates from a different habitat. While you’ll find some chameleons basking in the sun, others like rainy weather. Their skin, color, and bodily … Read more

Where Does The Green Tree Python Live: Habitat Details

Where Does The Green Tree Python Live

Knowing where a Green Tree Python lives is valuable information if you’re planning trips or want to keep one as a pet. Their ideal environment might surprise you! One look at their vibrant color, and you’ll see why they’re called Green Tree Pythons. This snake species can captivate any passer-by! Besides their mesmerizing appearance, Green … Read more

What To Feed Water Dragons: Keep Your Reptile Healthy!

What To Feed Water Dragons

If you want this cute little creature as a pet, you should first find out what to feed Water Dragons! Their diet includes quite a variety! Water Dragons make good beginner pets. If you feed yours a nutritious diet, your chances of encountering health issues are slim.  In this article, I share what to include … Read more

What Is The Easiest Chameleon To Take Care Of? A Beginners Guide!

What Is The Easiest Chameleon To Take Care Of

Getting a reptile pet is fun and exciting! You need to know what the easiest chameleon is to take care of before you commit to this exotic creature! Many types of chameleons do well in captivity. Some are so unique that you won’t believe how awesome they are until you see them yourself. Chameleons can … Read more

How Big Is A Full-Grown Boa Constrictor? The Surprising Facts!

How Big Is A Full-Grown Boa Constrictor The Surprising Facts!

How big is a full-grown Boa Constrictor? This is one of the many good questions you need to ask before buying one as a pet!  Boa Constrictors get pretty large, and not every pet owner can care for and handle one. Before you decide to purchase one, you need to know what you’re getting yourself … Read more

What Is A Good Snake For Beginners? Our Top 7 Picks!

What Is A Good Snake For Beginners

If you plan on getting one, you need to ask: What is a good snake for beginners? They might all seem the same, but choosing the best pet is an important decision. Some people prefer small skinny snakes, while others like big constrictors that they can handle more easily. Whichever snake you want, you need … Read more

How Big Is A Full-Grown Female Red Tail Boa?

How Big Is A Full-Grown Female Red Tail Boa

Before you get one as a pet, you need to ask: How big is a full-grown female Red Tail Boa? Knowing this will help you decide if this snake is right for you! Red Tail Boas are constrictors, and these snakes get really big. Unlike many other animals, female Boas are larger than males, so … Read more

Gopher Snake Lifespan: How Long They Live!

Gopher Snake Lifespan How Long They Live!

It’s not advisable to get one as a pet if you don’t know what a Gopher Snake’s lifespan looks like. It’s one of the first questions you should ask! Before you buy a Gopher Snake to keep as a pet, you should know how long they’ll live. Each stage of their life also has its … Read more

How Big Do Pet Boa Constrictors Get? The Truth!

How Big Do Pet Boa Constrictors Get The Truth!

To prepare better for your pet snake, you need to know how big Boa Constrictors get. Don’t ignore this answer! Boa Constrictors are pretty large, and if you’re unprepared for their size, having one as a pet might become a hassle. When you know how big your pet Boa will likely grow, you can prepare … Read more

Feeder Cricket Lifespan: What To Expect!

Feeder Cricket Lifespan What To Expect!

Cultivating them isn’t a difficult task, but what is a Feeder Cricket’s lifespan? This is what you can expect! Feeder Crickets are a great source of protein and other nutrients for captive pets. Whether you’re cultivating them for your own reptiles or you’re starting a business, knowing how long they live will help you plan … Read more